February 22, 2017
    On Thursday 23 February, a seminar will be held in a committee room of Britain’s House of Lords to discuss the hotly debated subject of Balochistan’s accession to Pakistan in 1948. The seminar, entitled “Balochistan Re-visited”, will throw up views of a spectrum of people from academics to Baloch nationalists, not to mention the present

Welcome to The Democracy Forum

The Democracy Forum was jointly founded in 2009 by Baroness Emma Nicholson and Mr Ajit Sat-Bhambra.

The organisation works to promote democracy, peace and the rule of law, in order to eliminate religious fundamentalism and terrorism from our global communities. We have also developed relationships and dialogue with think-tanks, academic institutions, the media and the general public in Europe, Asia and the US, with a view to encouraging open political debate on these issues, and have fostered a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship between members of the Diaspora, exploring their contribution to the democracy debate.

To these ends, the Forum hosts several annual seminars and discussion groups on issues pertaining to peace, democracy and composite culture, in venues including the Houses of Parliament, Cambridge University, the LSE, Chatham House and The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. These seminars have generated ongoing debate, and their impact has been widespread.