Wednesday 5 September 2012, House of Commons Seminar report

Date – 5 September 2012

Venue – House of Commons, London

Topic – ‘UN sanctions and their impact on terrorism’

Chair – 

  Dr William Crawley, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Speakers – 

  Dr Rashmi Singh, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, St Andrew’s University

  David Newton, Conciliation Resources

  Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, Quaid-e-Azam Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford

  Davis Lewin, Political Director, The Henry Jackson Society

UN sanctions and their impact on terrorism’ was the theme of this final Democracy Forum seminar of 2012, with speakers exploring various sub-topics, including the history of sanctions (pre-and post 9/11) and their effectiveness in countering extremism; who really suffers from the application of sanctions; the effect of UN proscription regimes; the ability to engage individuals and groups classified as ‘terrorist’ in dialogue to end conflict and the use of violence; and some areas for progress and change.

Stephen Hammond MP, then Chairman of TDF and recently appointed to a ministerial role in government, praised the work of the Forum, which, he said, serves as a platform for ‘constructive and reflective debate on pertinent issues’, and which is ‘going from strength to strength’. 

The event was attended by an audience of MPs, members of the public, students and media representatives.