Has Supreme Court gone overboard in Gilani case?

Every citizen has a right to criticize, even uncharitably, decisions of the Judiciary, the Executive or the Parliament. There is no cavil on this issue. The latest judgement announced by the Supreme Court, disqualifying Mr Yusuf Raza Gilani under Article 63 (i)(g), has attracted much controversy and some severe and unjust criticism on the Internet and social media, where many argue that an elected prime minister could only be removed by a vote of no confidence in Parliament and not by any order of the Supreme Court.

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Khaleda Zia on Padma Bridge issue: ‘Pot calling kettle black’

The political arena inBangladeshhas heated up over the issues of thePadmaBridgeand corruption. The World Bank’s (WB) announcement that it has cancelled a $1.2 billion fund for thePadmaBridgeconstruction has given rise to ripples of controversy over corruption in the Awami League-led government. The WB is talking about non-compliance with conditions after alleged corruption by Bangladeshi incumbents, including the then communications minister Syed Abdul Hossain. Such allegations have not been conclusively proved, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked, ‘Where is the question of corruption when the WB has not given even a single penny for the project?’

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Newsletter 15 July 2012

Newsletter 31 July 2012

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