The tragedy of Balochistan

With the recent resolution passed in the US Congress, it seems that finally, the world is sitting up to take notice of events in Balochistan, the biggest province in Pakistan, which lies alongside the Arabian Sea and is one of the poorest places on earth with gross human rights violations.Pakistanhas always treated Balochistan as its backyard and its people as ‘outsiders’. SinceIndependence, countless military operations had been launched against the hapless Baloch people, killing citizens with unbridled brutality.

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China, Pakistan and the Iranian bomb

While the international community is exerting increasing pressure onIranto resist from going nuclear, there is one issue that seems to have slipped under the radar. Hardly any attention is being paid to ensure thatSaudi Arabiadoes not follow the same route asPakistan. An Iranian bomb could be a threat toIsraelbut a Saudi bomb would destabilise not only the region but also the entire world.

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Newsletter 15 March 2012

Newsletter 31 March 2012

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