Ukraine’s conditions ripe for rise of radical groups

Ukraine’s Pravy Sektor, or Right Sector, emerged last November when protests began against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to walk away from a partnership agreement with the European Union. The group’s ultranationalist members disapprove of Russia’s influence over Yanukovich, though they also oppose EU influence.

While not initially violent, the group notoriously clashed with Ukrainian authorities in January, using Molotov cocktails, bats and pistols in central Kiev. The group then clashed with security forces throughout the city. Groups such as Right Sector want a truly independent Ukraine — a reality unlikely to emerge any time soon, since Ukraine’s geographic location makes it an inevitable focus of the struggle for influence between Russia and the West.

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Slow pace of peace

As attention turned only briefly to the largely unnoticed famine in Tharparkar district that claimed the lives of more than 150 children and caused a huge embarrassment to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s provincial government in Sindh province, the slow-paced peace talks between prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s government and the Pakistani Taliban continue to hog the media limelight.

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