Scottish independence could shake up global system

Polls released recently have shown for the first time that a majority — an extremely small majority, but a majority nonetheless — of Scots favour independence, although other polls suggest the ‘no’ camp remains in the lead. A poll is not the election, which will be held on September 18, but it is still a warning that something extraordinary might happen very soon. The political union between Scotland and England might be abolished after 300 years. The implications of this are enormous and generally ignored.

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A debate born of pressure, not purpose

t was as if the Lok Sabha had chosen to debate Britain’s handling of the Ireland question or the Cameron government’s approach to the Scottish independence vote. The Commons backbenchers’ debate on Kashmir in early September, apart from helpfully drawing attention to the urgent need to assist those in the area affected by the recent flooding, seemed inappropriate in timing, content and purpose — unless it was to exacerbate relations between Delhi and Rawalpindi and garner votes for the next British general election.

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