Other Groups in Pakistan Have Adopted the al Qaeda Ideology

The Democracy Forum hosted a seminar at the Commonwealth Club in London on March 25th. The subject was ‘Home Grown Terrorism; Threats from Within and Abroad’ and several leading experts attended and spoke on this aspect of the war on international terrorism. Dr Paul Gill of University College London, discussed the result of a study conducted at Pennsylvania State University which revealed that in 64% of cases, members of the perpetrator’s family knew about the planned violent attacks in advance.

From RAND, Dr Lindsay Clutterbuck, a former detective with Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist branch, explained how, in the cases he had studied, radicalised British youths who went to Pakistan for training expected to fight in Kashmir, Afghanistan or in Iraq. But, after training they were then redirected by their mentors back to the UK to carry out attacks against the civilian population. “It was put to them that this would be a missed opportunity and they would be better off if they returned to the UK and carried out terrorist attacks there.” Dr Clutterbuck said that there were, “numerous other groups and individuals in Pakistan with an al Qaeda world view and ideology.”